Saturday, 6 October 2007


Why do we as Christians ever moan?
God is amazing- He offers us such freedom!!!

We are children of the almighty
We are chosen by him
He chose us before we chose him

This might be for grammar geeks only but we are the 'you' of God's 'I'
eg I love you - We are the objects of God's affection

You who were not a people, are now the people of God

Praise God for his grace and mercy, for his unconditional love which truly is indescribable

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Sal :) said...

Hey :) Just found your blog spot... (not that I was Facebook stalking you at all...!)
Anyway, you wrote 'why do Christians ever moan?' and I was just struck cos in CU we read Phil 2:14 and it's really challenged me so it was kinda cool to read the indescribable stuff cos I was probably only trying not to argue/complain cos it said I shouldn't rather than because of the deeper meaning...
Keep blogging, cos it *IS* affecting someones life without you realising!