Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Saturday, 5 April 2008

John Ortberg - Love Beyond Reason - Being Loved means Being Chosen

Pg 162:
"In God's love my chosenness never comes at anyone else's expense. God chooses, or loves, each of his children with infinite uniqueness. His plan is for my chosenness to enhance the lives or others, not diminish them"

Pg 165:
"Live a life of comparision or competition, and you end up with no joy at all. God holds out joy for each of us. We are all made to do and see things in a unique way - God has designed you to know the joy or being a teacher or helper or encourager or designer - and when you find it and offer it up you will know joy. And God has made you to know the joy of receiving and celebrating the gifts of those around you. If you offer your gifts (let go of them) and humbly recieve the gifts of others, your joy will be made complete."

"For in Christ God is drawing all men to himself. God whispers on the cross 'I wish you belonged to me. I choose you'. "