Thursday, 13 September 2007

The students return!

Aberdeen City is heaving!
There has never been so many first year students as this year. The reason is because of top up fees. You see in England students are being charged a lot to go to Uni, like £3000. But because Scotland is against this the fees in Scotland are capped at £1200. Same degree, half the price.
The uptake has been incredible, Scottish Universities are buying hotels, and turning any available space into student rooms, yet in the middle of all the chaos, there is a stillness. I work in one of the University Halls, and see managers rushing about stressed, but all I can feel is the stillness. This is part of God's plan. This is a huge opportunity for us that He wants us to seize.
Radiate, a student ministry that I am a part of, speaks of 'change the University, change the word'. It is a truth that the next world leaders are at University today. We have an amazing opportunity as students, to reach out to our friends in class, and to show them that not only is Jesus relevant today, but that he cares for them and wants to know them personally.
This year, God has something planned, and I want to be a part of it.


Scott said...

What does it mean when you say 'Jesus wants to know me personally'. That just does not make any kind of sense at all.

Jessica Hippey said...

Hi Scott, It wouldn't let me reply to you so hope this shows up.
What I meant was that lots of people know 'about Jesus' but don't actually know him on a personal level, the same way as we can know lots about Celebrities but never have met them. Likewise Jesus obviously already knows everyone, because He is God and knows all, but it is clear that people have to invite Jesus into their life. Prior to that Jesus is always there for the person, but that person has to ask for Him, He won't ever force himself upon anyon, and so He is 'wanting to know them, personally' as in wanting them to ask for Him. Does that make any sense? Feel free to get back to me if it doesn't :)